About Us/Our Mission

Revive Nails & Co. focuses on delivering our shopclients a healthier alternative to full service nail treatments.  Our featured products are selected with you in mind; containing safer ingredients to produce optimal results. Through evolutionary change in the nail industry, our procedures were developed to prove effectiveness and efficiency.  We believe there is no such thing as sacrificing ones health for the sake of beauty.

We aim to enlighten our clients about nail wellness. Guiding you every step of the way to achieve the look you desire towards the health and beauty of your nails. Our specialist receive continuous training and education. Passionate to learn about the latest products, we pride ourselves of evolving with the times but still remaining true to our core values.

We place ourselves in the forefront, aiming to raise the standards. Our sanitation and sterilization protocols proudly exceeds State’s requirements. Using autoclaves machines to sterilize implements, including a state of the art local ventilation system, not commonly found in most salons.  Upon service, each client receives a new buffer and file. Implements are sterilized after each and every use. Liquids are carefully sealed and stored away to reduce evaporated fumes in the air.  Here are just some of the ways in which we take the extra measure to ensure a clean and healthy salon environment. We carry vegan polishes, meaning it does not containing the toxic three ingredients of toulene, formaldehyde, dbp. Available in 40 different Zoya colors, and expanding.


We practice environmentally conscious approaches in what we use and how we how dispose of our waste. Our half empty polish bottles are tossed into appropriate bins to be recycle.  We understand the importance of lessening our footprint.  Respect and appreciation is owed to the planet we share. Reclaimed wood is brought in from local construction site is incorporated into the design of our salon space.